Saturday, October 31, 2009

Music For Halloween - Rasputina Transylvanian Concubine

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It's Vladurday!

Required weekend reading to de-stress
with the LOL dogs
and the all imporatant

This one is for Karen

This one is for Sher

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Friday, October 30, 2009

Appropriate Office Attire - Dressing Up and Down

What is it with Halloween anyway?
It has always been my least favorite holiday
particularly because girls who are over 12 years of age
seem to wait all year long to revel in those slutty costumes
You know what I mean
slutty nurse, slutty french maid, slutty angel, slutty cat, slutty pirate...
Yeah, you've all seen The Real Meaning of Halloween video from the movie Mean Girls

But the young ladies in the office want to have some fun today
and celebrate by dressing up in something costume-y for work today
Luckily, they are coming up with clever rather than slutty costumes

Miss de Ville suggested that I dress up today like a "trophy wife"
I think that she meant for me to try and pull off something like this outfit
from The Sartorialist in Paris
big earrings, big rings, status bag, high heeled sandals
and maybe top it off with a fur coat.

But after a long week of work on a Friday with no clients or meetings
my style leans much more toward the casual
Something like this outfit from The Sartorialist in Milano
flat shoes, flowy skirt, casual jewelry
but leave the bike at home.

What is your opinion of Halloween?
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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Music- Air, Antonioni and Alan Delon

Chilling out with Alan Delon and Air after 11 hours at the office

Feel the chill

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Just The FAQs Ma'am

Hoping that I would get tagged with random questions about things like what's my favorite color
and where's my favorite place to party.
But no tagging for BHB

Instead it's all questions about Beladora...

Why are there two websites
and what's the difference between them?
Having never had a retail store because Kazanjian & Fogarty, the renown estate jewelry firm, was a wholesale business that dealt only with the jewelry trade and select private clients, the brain trust at K&F decided to create a website that would bring K&F's incredible collection of antique and estate jewelry directly to the public.

But, since there was such a broad selection within the collection, from the "affordable for all" to the "princess" or "couture" jewelry, it was decided to create two websites;
Beladora that showcased the rare antique, signed, and couture pieces
with most items priced at above $1000
but also a large selection of jewelry priced below $1000
BeladoraII that offered vintage fine jewelry affordable for all
with most jewelry priced below $500

For example, here are a couple of Edwardian pins in silver and mother of pearl, circa 1905
and a vintage pendant and earrings in sterling silver
all priced below $200 on BeladoraII

Vintage Antique Edwardian Cat Pin in Silver, Marcasite and Mother of Pearl $195
Vintage Antique Edwardian Turtle Pin in Silver, Marcasite and Mother of Pearl $195

Vintage Emerald and Filigree Pendant in Sterling Silver $195

Where does Beladora get all of that jewelry?
Beladora (Kazanjian & Fogarty) purchases jewelry everyday from private clients, estates, auctions and dealers.
Does Beladora own all the jewelry shown on the websites or is most of it just on consignment?
Answer: Beladora doesn't take any jewelry on consignment. The company owns outright all the jewlery that it shows on both websites.
Does Beladora or BeladoraII ever have sales?
Yes but infrequently because prices are already way below what you would find in an estate jewelry store.
If there is something that you see on either website that isn't on sale, but you would like to buy, send an email to and ask if they can give you any special discount. I'm pretty sure that they will try to give you the best price possible.
What is Beladora's return policy?
The Beladora staff understands that jewelry really needs to be seen in person and tried on, because even the great photography on the website doesn't always show the size and scale of the jewelry. So, Beladora has the easiest and friendliest return policy of any online jewelry store. If a client isn't happy with their purchase, for any reason, they are welcome to return it for a full refund.
Does Beladora sell estate jewelry on any other websites?
If Beladora listed its inventory on other websites, such as Amazon or 1stDibs, those sites would take a commission on sales and Beladora's jewelry prices would have to be raised to cover these additional selling costs.
Does Beladora work with an affiliate program?
Yes...and No.
Beladora doesn't work with any large affiliate organizations like Link Share or Commission Junction because they charge huge fees, require long term contracts and add additional selling costs.
But, Beladora would love to have a bevy of bloggers as affiliates and and would be more than happy to pay commissions to any blogger who refers a client through linking from their blog. Individual affiliate code can be set for both Beladora and BeladoraII. You can become an affiliate by signing up here and here and you will receive your individual affiliate code.
What does "princess" jewelry mean?
Jewelry purchased from a princess...of course!
If you have any questions about Beladora or estate jewelry
leave a comment or

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Jewelry Biz - Awesome Antiquities Auction

On my fantasy shopping list
are a few things from Christie's Auction House

well more specifically
ancient Greek and Roman gold jewelry and ornaments

From today's Antiquities auction in London
here was the big seller for $275,539

A PAIR OF GREEK GOLD ROSETTE ORNAMENTS 4TH CENTURY B.C. Each disc rosette-shaped with, in its centre, a large tiered flower resembling a star-burst with ten pointed petals, a smaller central disc with conjoined spiral filigree ornament and a tall pointed grain in the centre, the four elements joined by a tubular pin which projects at the back and is splayed into four strips to keep it in place, the back of the rosette disc with cylindrical gold tube into which fits the cylinder of the back stud, the concave disc of the back stud with rosette within beaded circle, the border with egg and dart patter

This highly important pair of Greek gold rosette ornaments are unique in design and exceptional in being so finely preserved and retaining both their back attachment rosette studs. The ornaments are of the highest quality, evidently produced by a master goldsmith in the 4th Century B.C.Gold ornaments of this type are known principally from sites in Asia Minor and Cyprus, but also occur elsewhere in areas influenced by Greek fashion, taste and culture including South Italy, Thrace, Pontus and Egypt.
Since I wouldn't really have much use for gold rosette ornaments
except maybe to wear in my hair
I would have preferred these two pieces of ancient gold jewelry

A HELLENISTIC GOLD PENDANT OF EROS CIRCA 4TH-3RD CENTURY B.C. The winged naked figure with cloak draped around his arms, a suspension loop at rear of head with modern pendant ring attached

A ROMANO-EGYPTIAN GOLD BRACELET CIRCA 1ST-3RD CENTURY A.D. The 'v'-section hoop overlapping at the ends with coiled wire terminals
Both priced right and wearable

Maybe next year...
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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Is Ralph Lauren Addicted to Photoshop?

He's at it again...OK maybe not Ralph Lauren personally, but his minions certainly

Deep Glamour girl Virginia Postrel points out in her article that

Lauren sells dreams of transformation and escape--all those green lawns and polo fields, safari tents and Rocky Mountain ranches. His designs transport the audience out of everyday experience and make the ideal life seem palpable.

Well transformation pretty much sums it up what is going on with the image of this brand as another Ralph Lauren model, this time Valentina Zelyaeva, the world's 13th highest paid model, is deemed to be to big for Ralph Lauren ads.
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Monday, October 26, 2009

We Have Issues

The beautiful and talented Belette Rouge kindly emailed and pointed out that there were some, ahem, issues with my BHB rant that I posted earlier today. must be a Mystical Bourgeois sign that I shouldn't be ranting

From now on I'll try to stay on topic!
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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fashion is Danger

Shamelessly stealing this from Meagan's blog
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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Savvy Shopping - Onyx Options

Lusting for the new Lexus?

Lexus Unveils $375K LFA Supercar

When it seems that every other car that you see in Beverly Hills is a boring Bentley (yawn)
it's time for a little Japanese engineering

But the $375K price tag is a little steep
and you're not gonna get much in a trade in for your small German sedan

Yep, you will have to step up your game

Applying your motto for success at school
"dress well, test well"
now it's
"bring on the bespoke for a Wall and Broad Street style bonus"

but as much as you love Brioni and Battaglia
you can only afford Banana Republic

Which is fine
because you don't believe in spending a lot of money on clothes that will not hold up over time.
Instead your allocated fashion budget goes to what you will wear
season after season, year after year....

Black Onyx Cufflinks in 18K $1550

Black Onyx Bar Cufflinks in 18K $2750

Nothing says competence and class
and James Bondian ability to get the job done
and if your boyfriend won't share his
buy your own pair
Bespoke no, but beguiling yes.
Your car is waiting
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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Jewelry Biz - "As If The Recession Never Happened"

The full Christie's results are out
From Idex

Christie’s fetched $46. 51 million at its most recent sale, Jewels: The New York Sale & The Annenburg Diamond, Rare Jewels and Objets d’Art: A Superb Collection. Diamond traders noted with satisfaction that the auction further solidifies diamond prices.

This auction wasn't just about the big Annenburg rock, the Fred Leighton jewelry sold too.

And here's the key information

The international auction house reports that 327 out of 385 lots sold, which achieved a combined sell-through rate of 85 percent by lot and 94 percent by value
(The trade says that the estimates were purposely kept low, but still, the results were impressive.)

And here's the money quote

It was as if the recession never happened,” remarked Rahul Kadakia, head of jewelry at Christie’s New York..."

And let's face it, for Goldman Sachs gang there was no recession

Maybe that's who was doing all of the buying at Christie's this week.
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Beladora Bacchante Beauty

I say forget the 10 Ridiculously Stylish Cameo Themed Objects
brought to us by The Frisky
such as this Cameo print scarf
for $165 from Shopbop

And go straight for the antique cameo

Especially a Neo-Classic themed Bacchante
with vines and grape clusters amid the tendrils of her hair
bacchante [bəˈkæntɪ]
n pl bacchantes [bəˈkæntɪz]
1. (Myth & Legend / Classical Myth & Legend) a priestess or female votary of Bacchus
2. a drunken female reveller
Bacchante With Grapes by Paul Merwat
Because Bacchante Babes are Beautiful!
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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Around Town - Dressing For Dinner At Mélisse

Making up for the snooty Beverly Hills service I received this week
mes enfants invited me to dinner at Santa Monica's finest restaurant
the two Michelin starred Mélisse
where the food is fabulous and the service sublime.

Mélisse Restaurant

Since none of us had ever been there before, we were anxious to try a nice selection of chef Josiah Citrin's famous dishes, so we each ordered the 4 course tasting menu.
I sounds like a lot...but they were tiny servings.
The venison off of the seasonal game menu that my son ordered was probably the most interesting dish, and the duck and lamb were both equally delicious.

We were a little nervous about ordering wine off extensive wine menu, but Sommelier Brian Kalliel helped us choose a nice Côte du Rhone, a 2005 Domaine de Solitude, that complimented the food and (thank god) wasn't too expensive
.....we're gonna save the 1961 Château La Tour for another night...(in my dreams)

The perfect children looking happy and well fed

And, way more important than the food and wine
was the fact that my kids made the effort to dress up
They looked charming and I was so proud!

I wore my usual black suit and south sea pearls
and Miss de Ville, who wore the following vintage jewelry from Beladora
and, looked so adorable.

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Pure, White and Deadly

After a weekend of enjoying the most delicious cake from Victor Benes bakery and chocolates from Leonidas that are beyond description, I'm glad that Amy Alkon posted this video.
I needed a reminder that sugar is poison and if you have a spare hour and a half you should watch this too.
Your life could depend on it.

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Saturday, October 17, 2009

To and Fro - Tired of the Theatrics

I understand that the runway is all about theater.

And I adore John Galiano's shows for Dior where the theatrics are over the top yet fit with his designs which are no less than a work of art.

And I wonder why McQueen needs the mayhem from clown faces, chain mail and swan shoulders to bedlington shoes because his designs are generally impeccable.

But Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton, is an entirely different situation.

Certainly Jacobs has to rely on gimmicks like the big fros and fluffy shoes to draw attention away from the fact that his clothes are simply trite.

I can only look at these photos and be perplexed.
Who is going to buy these outfits.
Meanwhile Jacobs is laughing all the way to the next modern art auction at Christies where he will drop a million or ten on painting.
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Friday, October 16, 2009

Playing With Polyvore - Planning For New York

New York November

I can take the New York chilly weather for a few days...can't I?
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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Comment of the Year - Can Lauren Go Any Lower

Yes...I love all my commentors
but this has to be the comment of the year
But I guess if your a 5'2" inch designer that looks like a haggard garden gnome, that's ok.
and that kind of says it all about Ralph Lauren
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Playing With Polyvore - Fall Fashion Asian Style

Kimono My House, Mon Amour
This is as close as I am getting to the Japanese countryside this year.

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Too Large For Ralph Lauren

Again, we get another story of the Fashion industry at its finest

So our story is about gorgeous model Fillipa Hamilton, now 23
who has been modeling for Ralph Lauren since she was 15 Years old
Fillipa Hamilton, for me at least, seemed to have that quintessential "Ralph Lauren Look"
you know, healthy, sporty, all American

And she seemed to look OK with most of her clothes off too

But for some reason, the Ralph Lauren people
decided to over photoshop and distort her image in this ad
so that her head looks bigger than her waist
According to the Times Online
Miss Hamilton had this to say
'I've been working with them since I was 15 years old, so I considered them my second family,' the 5ft 10in beauty said. 'I was very hurt about this.'
Miss Hamilton claims she was fired in April - before the digitally- altered images of her were released.
'I saw my face in this extremely skinny girl - which is not me,' she recalled.
'It makes me sad. It makes me think that Ralph Lauren wants to have this kind of image - and it's not healthy, it's not right.
'And it's not a good example. When you see this picture young women will look at this and think it's normal, and it's not.
So...the next time you go shopping and start perusing clothes from the Ralph Lauren line
Keep this in mind
If they think this girl is too fat to represent the brand
what must they think of the way that their actual real life customers look.
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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Already Fall

Why is it that every year when the Fall arrives I am shocked, SHOCKED.
How can the Summer be over so soon?

I know that most people love the change of seasons and look forward to that crispness in the air.
But not me.
It is dark when I wake up in the morning, overcast, gray and often damp when I drive to work, heavily air conditioned and dark in my office, and dark when I leave in the evening to drive home.
And I do hate the cold and the overcast and the damp and the dark.

But the change of seasons does make me appreciate the sweet summer vacation that I had, sitting by the pool and reading books, sipping pastis, playing scrabble, admiring the view and chatting about all things great and small in Aix en Provence.

And here are the gratuitous pretty pictures from Provence.

I'm still trying to figure out how I ended up here and not there. A decision here and a decision there and your entire life changes.

Yeah, it's going to be a long winter....

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