Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Jewelry Biz - Awesome Antiquities Auction

On my fantasy shopping list
are a few things from Christie's Auction House

well more specifically
ancient Greek and Roman gold jewelry and ornaments

From today's Antiquities auction in London
here was the big seller for $275,539

A PAIR OF GREEK GOLD ROSETTE ORNAMENTS 4TH CENTURY B.C. Each disc rosette-shaped with, in its centre, a large tiered flower resembling a star-burst with ten pointed petals, a smaller central disc with conjoined spiral filigree ornament and a tall pointed grain in the centre, the four elements joined by a tubular pin which projects at the back and is splayed into four strips to keep it in place, the back of the rosette disc with cylindrical gold tube into which fits the cylinder of the back stud, the concave disc of the back stud with rosette within beaded circle, the border with egg and dart patter

This highly important pair of Greek gold rosette ornaments are unique in design and exceptional in being so finely preserved and retaining both their back attachment rosette studs. The ornaments are of the highest quality, evidently produced by a master goldsmith in the 4th Century B.C.Gold ornaments of this type are known principally from sites in Asia Minor and Cyprus, but also occur elsewhere in areas influenced by Greek fashion, taste and culture including South Italy, Thrace, Pontus and Egypt.
Since I wouldn't really have much use for gold rosette ornaments
except maybe to wear in my hair
I would have preferred these two pieces of ancient gold jewelry

A HELLENISTIC GOLD PENDANT OF EROS CIRCA 4TH-3RD CENTURY B.C. The winged naked figure with cloak draped around his arms, a suspension loop at rear of head with modern pendant ring attached

A ROMANO-EGYPTIAN GOLD BRACELET CIRCA 1ST-3RD CENTURY A.D. The 'v'-section hoop overlapping at the ends with coiled wire terminals
Both priced right and wearable

Maybe next year...
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