Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Just The FAQs Ma'am

Hoping that I would get tagged with random questions about things like what's my favorite color
and where's my favorite place to party.
But no tagging for BHB

Instead it's all questions about Beladora...

Why are there two websites
and what's the difference between them?
Having never had a retail store because Kazanjian & Fogarty, the renown estate jewelry firm, was a wholesale business that dealt only with the jewelry trade and select private clients, the brain trust at K&F decided to create a website that would bring K&F's incredible collection of antique and estate jewelry directly to the public.

But, since there was such a broad selection within the collection, from the "affordable for all" to the "princess" or "couture" jewelry, it was decided to create two websites;
Beladora that showcased the rare antique, signed, and couture pieces
with most items priced at above $1000
but also a large selection of jewelry priced below $1000
BeladoraII that offered vintage fine jewelry affordable for all
with most jewelry priced below $500

For example, here are a couple of Edwardian pins in silver and mother of pearl, circa 1905
and a vintage pendant and earrings in sterling silver
all priced below $200 on BeladoraII

Vintage Antique Edwardian Cat Pin in Silver, Marcasite and Mother of Pearl $195
Vintage Antique Edwardian Turtle Pin in Silver, Marcasite and Mother of Pearl $195

Vintage Emerald and Filigree Pendant in Sterling Silver $195

Where does Beladora get all of that jewelry?
Beladora (Kazanjian & Fogarty) purchases jewelry everyday from private clients, estates, auctions and dealers.
Does Beladora own all the jewelry shown on the websites or is most of it just on consignment?
Answer: Beladora doesn't take any jewelry on consignment. The company owns outright all the jewlery that it shows on both websites.
Does Beladora or BeladoraII ever have sales?
Yes but infrequently because prices are already way below what you would find in an estate jewelry store.
If there is something that you see on either website that isn't on sale, but you would like to buy, send an email to and ask if they can give you any special discount. I'm pretty sure that they will try to give you the best price possible.
What is Beladora's return policy?
The Beladora staff understands that jewelry really needs to be seen in person and tried on, because even the great photography on the website doesn't always show the size and scale of the jewelry. So, Beladora has the easiest and friendliest return policy of any online jewelry store. If a client isn't happy with their purchase, for any reason, they are welcome to return it for a full refund.
Does Beladora sell estate jewelry on any other websites?
If Beladora listed its inventory on other websites, such as Amazon or 1stDibs, those sites would take a commission on sales and Beladora's jewelry prices would have to be raised to cover these additional selling costs.
Does Beladora work with an affiliate program?
Yes...and No.
Beladora doesn't work with any large affiliate organizations like Link Share or Commission Junction because they charge huge fees, require long term contracts and add additional selling costs.
But, Beladora would love to have a bevy of bloggers as affiliates and and would be more than happy to pay commissions to any blogger who refers a client through linking from their blog. Individual affiliate code can be set for both Beladora and BeladoraII. You can become an affiliate by signing up here and here and you will receive your individual affiliate code.
What does "princess" jewelry mean?
Jewelry purchased from a princess...of course!
If you have any questions about Beladora or estate jewelry
leave a comment or

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WendyB said...

SO true that photography never does jewelry justice!

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WOW, those earrings are so stunning!

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