Saturday, October 17, 2009

To and Fro - Tired of the Theatrics

I understand that the runway is all about theater.

And I adore John Galiano's shows for Dior where the theatrics are over the top yet fit with his designs which are no less than a work of art.

And I wonder why McQueen needs the mayhem from clown faces, chain mail and swan shoulders to bedlington shoes because his designs are generally impeccable.

But Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton, is an entirely different situation.

Certainly Jacobs has to rely on gimmicks like the big fros and fluffy shoes to draw attention away from the fact that his clothes are simply trite.

I can only look at these photos and be perplexed.
Who is going to buy these outfits.
Meanwhile Jacobs is laughing all the way to the next modern art auction at Christies where he will drop a million or ten on painting.
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Jill said...

Trite is the PERFECT word! The red fro made me snort...don't tell anyone. I try to be girly at all times! Even when no one is looking.

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