Sunday, August 7, 2011

Music - Split Endz

Yesterday was another sunny summer day in Laguna Beach
where, in spite of the shaky economy,
the sky was so clear, the sun was so bright and the water was so blue
and all the shiny happy people were having fun.
It was the perfect Southern California summer day for a family get together

Even the long drive on the traffic filled 405 freeway didn't seem so bad when we could plug in my daughter's ipod with its 6000 or so songs and listen to music from the 1980s

I'm not sure why she had this song on her ipod
especially given the fact that this it came out in 1982
and she wasn't born until 1985
How could she possibly know this random song?
Do you even remember it?

Nevertheless, driving to Laguna Beach with my daughter,
singing Eighties music in the car,
and spending the day with my family
was pretty much the perfect way enjoy a sunny summer Saturday.
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helen tilston said...

I love Laguna Beach but have not been in more than 20 years, hope it has not changed too much. It has a magic to it.

Listening to 80's music and cruisin', is so much fun

Helen xx

David Toms said...

Now here is a blast from the past. I used to go to Split Enz pub gigs before they were famous back in the late 70's!

YONKS said...

Six months in a leaky boat - welcome to my world!
Have a great week :-)

Jill said...

Do NOT read The Witches of East's stupid

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