Monday, August 8, 2011

Going Short and Long This Fall

I bet that you think that I'm talking about shorting US bonds and going long gold
but I'm not.
I'm talking about two fashion trends that I can finally get excited about
shorts and longer hem lengths for dresses!

I would totally wear this pair of shorts this fall

and this dress

What trend are you looking forward to this Fall?

(As you can imagine, chez the HQ things have been going a little crazy with the price of gold rocketing over $1700 today.  Is gold going to $2000?  Who knows...but I wouldn't be shorting it right now.)

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une femme said...

I no longer have the legs for shorts, but love that skirt length!

Anonymous said...

You know I saw a photo of a lovely shorts suit yesterday and I thought " Hmm, I've given up short skirts, I've said so on the blog but I do like that but then BHB would kill me!"

Green light!

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