Thursday, August 11, 2011

Fall 2011 Jewelry Trend - Vintage Brooches

I just opened my new issue of ELLE magazine
and look what I found!!!!

Check out the Beladora Press Page to see more jewelry in the fashion press
and on the red carpet
And, there's going to be more coming up this Fall!
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une femme said...

Excellent!!! And those brooches are absolutely stunning.

David Toms said...

Another feather in your cap or should I say brooch on your jacket! I actually love the Cartie cufflinks!

YONKS said...

You're famous!

Premium Pearl said...

I happen to love brooches and believe they are timeless, never old fashioned! We should be seeing more of them being worn with the tailored looks that have been hitting the runways for fall/winter.

vintage brooches said...

Excellent, love these vintage brooches.

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