Monday, December 28, 2009

De Gustibus Non Est Disputandum

So these are the hot boots of the season...
who knew?
From the WSJ
The Shoe That Kicked Off a Frenzy
Despite a $1,295 price tag, the Otway boot sparked a craze

The boots in question, which didn't hit stores until September, are called "Otway," and they can fairly be called the "It" boots of the season. Made of supple suede, the cuffed booties are adorned with rows of circular studs and are held up by a four-inch triangular heel.
Those who are still interested in owning them can forget about it. With the exception of a few pairs on eBay, they are out of stock nearly everywhere, despite a $1,295 price tag. call me crazy but I'm going on record to say that I think they are hideous for $1295 but they might, and I mean might, be wearable at $295. And didn't we already have boots like these back in the Mid- 1980s?

Right now I'm only interested in what's comfortable on my feet and I'm looking for flat brown boots, not necessarily the OTK kind
Here's what's on sale at Bergdorf Goodman

not exactly a bargain

Michael Kors Fallon Flat Boots $315 reduced from $450
I'm not loving the zipper

I'm really liking these but can't I get actual riding boots for less?

I like these but aren't OTK boot going to look so 2009 in 2010?
So the search continues.
But what I certainly won't be searching for are those silly Otway boots.
So not my style

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Miss Cavendish said...

Mid 80s? Those boots do elicit a (respectful) Billy Idol-Adam Antish sneer from this side of the computer. I like them, but would prefer a low three-digit price tag. Otherwise, those boots will be dancing with themselves.

Belle de Ville said...

Miss C., I so thought about you when I saw these boots. Yes in a low 3 digit price they would be wearable in a Billy Idol-Adam Antish way!

Sher said...

They do look like a "bedazzled" pair from the 80s lol!

Jill said...

I don't like them either...I would look like a sprite running around in those ugly "booties".

Savvy Gal said...

i am not feeling the IT boots too. i rather buy a timeless classic since boots are such investment.

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