Sunday, December 27, 2009

Bringing Out The Rubies For The Boxing Day Bash

One of reasons that I love the Christmas season is my friend Marcella's annual Boxing Day Bash held at her very cool architectural house in the Hollywood Hills.
Marcella, is a renaissance woman. In addition to being an artist and an attorney, she is involved with the arts and decorative arts at the Getty Museum and LACMA, and with the historical and cultural preservation of historic Los Angeles architecture. Where most private parties in Los Angeles tend to be clannish, you know the same group of people that only socialize within their narrow range of friends, Marcella's parties are put together with an eclectic group of guests, from filmmakers to socialites to curators to business tycoons and then random people like me thrown into the mix.
At any rate I always have a good time.
And this year in the spirit of the colors of Christmas I wore the big ruby and diamond parure that was purchased from a princess....because why should all that pretty sparkly stuff just stay in the vault.
Unfortunately I didn't get a good photo of the house but here is her view of Hollywood to the east
And her view of the Sunset Strip to the west with the Chateau Marmont in the foreground.
But I couldn't stay outdoors for too long with the camera because it was a frosty 50 something degrees last night...
Thank God I have a quiet week until the next party on New Years Eve.
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Make Do Style said...

Love the rubies and the Hollywood party xxx what great fun!!

Jill said...

You'd have to keep one hand on the necklace and the other on your champagne glass if I had been anywhere near! It's beautiful! And you look radiant wearing it.

Belle de Ville said...

MDS, I don't get out much but every once in a while I like to dress up with the good stuff.
Jill, if you had been anywhere near I would have let you wear the emerald suite which would have gone lovely with your red hair.

Parisienne Farmgirl said...

OK, Gonna need more details on that jewelry - how fun!!! Sounds like a wonderful time...but the frosty 50 degrees made me laugh since my forecast says "22, feels like 11"

Couture Carrie said...

You are gorgeous, as are the rubies! What fun!!


Deja Pseu said...

You look gorgeous! And the necklace isn't bad either.

Belle de Ville said...

Thanks CC and Pseu.
It seems such a shame to not wear these pretty things.

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