Saturday, December 26, 2009

Vintage Value Venture - Couture Allure On Sale

OK people pay attention here
The holidays are always about finding just the right gifts to please our family and friends. But the post Christmas week is a good to time find something wonderful for ourselves.
I know you all have some post holiday cash in hand....or you will as soon as you return that holiday sweater that you received as a gift that you will never wear, back to the department store.
Well Couture Allure Vintage is having an after Christmas Sale!
For me it's kinda a toss up for me between the vintage Oscar de la Renta evening gown with matching coat with mink collar and cuffs...because god knows that I lead such a formal life of galas and black tie events that I need an evening gown...
and this very wearable 1950s Mr. Blackwell cashmere and wool dress for $175!

Certainly the simple black dress will go better with a double strand of south sea pearls and my new favorite pair of south sea pearl and diamond earrings.

So this is what I've picked out....what are you going to get?
(Oh, and don't forget that Beladora's discount code is HOLIDAY09
till the end of the month)
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Parisienne Farmgirl said...

Isnt she having a give away tomorrow too? I love this sight! Thanks for the tip!
Happy New Year.

Couture Allure Vintage Fashion said...

Thanks for the feature Belle! Lots of gorgeous vintage will be shipped out tomorrow to those lucky gals who have already taken advantage of the discount!

Belle de Ville said...

Farmgirl, doesn't Couture Allure have the best stuff???
Jody, Beladora has had a fabulous year and I hope that Couture Allure has had one as well.

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