Friday, May 8, 2009

Say's Law - Say It's So

A couple of weeks ago une femme suggested Fake It Till You Make It
One item that's been on my wishlist for quite a while now is a longer pearl necklace. But I don't want just any old demure pinky-extended-four-o'clock-tea pearls. I want some pearls with presence, pearls that dance to the blues and ride in a convertible with the top down, pearls that are more Basie than Bach.

Which makes me wonder why would you fake it when you can get real pearls for less than the cost of fake?

And considering that we are swimming in pearls....take the photo above and multiply it by 20 times or so....I've been thinking about that wily French economist from Lyon, Jean-Baptist Say, and hoping that Say's Law

Supply Creates Its Own Demand

Is going to come through for me.

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Deja Pseu said...

I have yet to see the real ones with the impact I'm looking for at a lower price than the fakes I've purchased. But I'm all ears...where do I find the oceans of real for these low prices???

Belle de Ville said...

Pseu, I've had a crazy week this week pre mother's day. Hopefully we can do lunch next week and I can show you the pearls.

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