Thursday, August 21, 2008

Vows Amid the Vineyards

Ah...the event of the summer has finally arrived... a wedding in St. Helena this weekend. This is the first wedding of one of my friend's children...the ultimate reminder that I have most definitely reached a certain age. It starts here...the acceptance that the children of my group of friends are now young adults and reaching marriageable age.
The irony of course is that so many of us were even younger when we married so long ago.
This is going to be a magnificent wedding, at a private home with fascinating friends, a delicious dinner and impeccable wines. But no matter how lovely it will be there will be tears shed...tears of joy of course. To see a lovely young woman that I remember as a waif of a girl, who's now a brilliant business woman, take the next step into a life of love and marriage, is the most wonderful thing.
Hopefully, I won't have too long to wait until my brood, Mr Handsome and Miss Pretty, find their true loves and we can start planning some weddings. I'm ready to be the all controlling mother consulting on silver, china, crystal and pre-nups.
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