Thursday, August 21, 2008

Gold Medal Messing Around - It Takes an Olympic Village

Well we all know that sports are sexy and now we know that the Olympic Village is the Shangrila of sport f**king.
In this well written article by former Olympic athlete Mathew Syed we get the inside story.

Apparently once the competition is over the testosterone oozing athletes are about getting it on.
But even in an environment of the most fabulously fit, the basic laws of evolutionary biology still hold true. The medal winning males get the most action but the winning females are not in as much demand as the non medal winning women.

But - and this is the thing - success does not work both ways. Gold-medal winning female athletes are not looked upon by male athletes with any more desire than those who flunked out in the first round. It is sometimes even considered a defect, as if there is something downright unfeminine about all that striving, fist pumping and incontinent sweating. Sport, in this respect, is a reflection of wider society, where male success is a universal desirable whereas female success is sexually ambiguous.

To add to the sexual frenzy is the fact that this is a special far away environment where anything goes.
I also think it is significant that, for most athletes, the village is thousands of miles from home. The old “what goes on tour stays on tour” mantra is still alive and kicking, not just in sport but beyond. There is something deepseated in humanity that leads us to play by different rules whenever we leave town, a phenomenon that has caused instances of terrible inhumanity. When it comes to sex, it simply means that those in relationships no longer recognise, or at least ignore, the boundaries of fidelity and honesty that underpin human monogamy. Philosophers call it moral relativism; the rest of us call it hypocrisy.

My favorite Olympic contender has been Britain Nick Foster, aka The Silver Fox. He may have not have won the gold in swimming but I can bet that he was winning with the women.

Final thought: If Chinese gold medal gymnast He Kexin was part taking of the after competition fun, was that illegal if she was under 16 years old?
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