Thursday, August 14, 2008

Obsequious Accessories Editors

Marnie Floral Necklace

Tom Binn's Black Fringe Necklace

Etername Enamel Link Bracelet

Check out The Fall 2008 Accessories Report on where Candy Pratts Price picks the season's most revolutionary extras.

Some great shoes...some great handbags....some so-so costume jewelry.

But what was she thinking when she picked this monstrosity by Delfina Delettrez!


So you ask yourself what's up with this Delefina Delettrez, a designer that you've never before heard of.

Apparently, Delefina Delettrez, age 20, is a 4th generation Fendi who just launched a jewelry line. Also featured in Vanity Fair where her jewelry designs were described as dazzling Goth romantic, Delettrez is getting plenty of press.

So, to all those jewelry designers who really know their craft and have invested years in GIA education and bench work, let me make a suggestion.

If you really want your work to be recognized by the main stream fashion media, just be a 20 year old scion of a famous fashion family with mediocre talent and editors will go out of their way to promote you and your designs.

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