Thursday, August 14, 2008

Fashion Trends For Fall

According to the Times Online
The fashion trends for Fall and Autumn are:

Color with Color
Moderate Minimalism
Mellow Drama

Checklist: Autumn/Winter 2008
1. High-waisted, 7/8th-length trousers. Try: Whistles.

High waisted and 7/8ths length...horrendous unless you look like Kate Moss
2. Cropped jacket or blazer. Before buying, try it on with a pair of the above. You'll find that what complemented hipsters may not work with the new geometry. Try: Jigsaw.
Haven't we seen enough of these already?
3. Military or wrap coat or one with slit short sleeves for layering. Try: French Connection.
Wrap coat - chic, military coat - too much costume
4. Concealed platform shoes or ankle boots - we're over bondage - and a pair of flats. Try: Office and Kurt Geiger.

I love platforms, concealed or not...anything that can make me taller
5. Polo necks and other fine knits for layering and tucking into high waists. Try: Pure Cashmere and Hoss Intropia.

Cashmere polo necks...perfect with a scarf tied ascot style
6. A leather jacket - biker style. Wear it with classic, simple pieces for extra edge. Try:Topshop.

Been there done that, I'm over the look
7. A rococo-style necklace. Try: Mikey.

OK, but not with the a polo neck sweater...
8. A narrow belt to thread through the loops of those high-waisted trousers. Try: Gap.

Better yet, a narrow belt over a slim cashmere cardigan
9. Longer-length skirts - either pencil-shaped or slightly gathered at the waist are the newest. If you can't bear calf or ankle-length, don't worry, knee-length refuses to die and there are even some minis. Try: Zara.

A knee length pencil skirt...perfect, especially with that belted cashmere cardigan
10. A fitted or semi-fitted sleeveless dress: this winter's sophisticated antidote to the put-it-away or give-it-away smock dress. Try: M&S Limited and Jigsaw.

Finally...back to a slim silhouette. Enough already with the floaty frocks
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Fritinancy said...

Re #5: In British English, a polo neck is what we Yanks call a turtleneck. So ... probably no ascot.

Just discovered your blog via Deja Pseu's -- enjoying it!

Belle de Ville said...

Thank you for visiting my blog and for your comment...I didn't know that a UK polo neck was a US turtleneck. Obviously, no ascot needed.
All the better for fashion. Maybe we'll see some Katherine Hepburn style turtlenecks and trousers this season.

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