Thursday, August 14, 2008

I Blame The Pill

Plenty of Pills

Have you ever looked back over your life contemplating the men that you've had relationships with and said...

OMG what was I thinking?

Well we finally have a new scientific study that explains why we got involved with all of those men who were...just so wrong.

The findings, from a team at the University of Liverpool, add to growing evidence that the hormones in the Pill influence the way that women assess male sexual attractiveness.
Experts believe that women are naturally attracted to men with immune system genes different to their own because of their smell.
Commenting on the latest study, the researchers said that it could indicate that the Pill disrupts women’s ability to judge the genetic compatibility of men by means of their smell.
They said that this might not only impact on fertility and miscarriage risk, but could even contribute to the end of relationships as women who stop or start taking the Pill no longer find their boyfriend or husband so attractive.

So now we wasn't really our deep seated insecurities causing us to make bad decisions when it came to choosing was the birth control pills altering our sense of smell and leading us astray from the men who should be our true genetically compatible mates.
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