Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Jewel of Orange County 2008

When I look back at all of the fundraising events that I've been to over the last couple of decades, few stand out as something more exciting than just having the opportunity to dress up with the big bling, mingle, eat a mediocre dinner, hear a speech and maybe watch a video expressly produced to cause you to reach for your checkbook to make an even bigger donation.

The Jewel of Orange County 2008 event, which was last weekend was anything but a tiresome rubber chicken dinner with boring speeches.

This event which benefited The Great Park Conservancy included a silent auction for jewelry donated by the big guys, Cartier, Harry Winston, etc. as well as pieces from local OC jewelers such as Dan Miller of Laguna Beach. After the auction there was an alfresco dinner and a rockin' concert. Seriously, how often do you go to an event where everyone is jumping up from the table to go dance?

I really didn't think that event chair, Teddie Ray, could pull off an even better party than last year's but she did. Well done Teddie.
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