Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Sorolla Museum - Madrid

El Bano Del Caballo

Sorolla Museum Garden

Sorolla Museum Garden

Joaquin y Bastida Sorolla or The Impressionist I've Never Heard Of.
High on my agenda while in Spain was a visit to the Prado to see the Renaissance and Flemish art as well as the Goyas. And, I certainly wasn't disappointed.
But, an unexpected highlight of Madrid was a visit to the home and studio of the 19th Century painter Joaquin Sorolla which is now a Museum. I'm not at particular fan of Impressionist Art but Sorolla had a particular tenderness with which he painted his wife and children which was captivating. Best known for his beach paintings featuring women and children (and even horses!) he also painted gorgeous landscapes including some lovely paintings of his garden.
And, I think that I liked his garden better than his art. It was a cool oasis with a Moorish water feature. Lovely.
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