Saturday, June 14, 2008

Tory Burch - The Next Great American Brand?

Is Tory Burch the next great American Brand. Well according to this LA Times article not only is she a designer that creates an iconic lifestyle brand, she is a designer that contemporary women can relate to.
"Women relate to me on many different levels. I'm a working mom and I'm getting a divorce. I think not having a perfect life is something they can relate to, and I'm very honest about it."

It's that instinct for personal style, for mixing and matching genres, eras and prints that Burch could market more, and that could propel her into the future. Right now, she's got the goods but she needs the myth, something like Ralph Lauren's Americana story, or Diane Von Furstenberg's iconic working girl-in-a-wrap dress. If she can find that, four years could turn into 40 and Tory Burch could just be the next great American brand.

Personally, I don't related to Tory Burch and I find her collection just OK. Une femme doesn't get all the hype either.

Seriously, look at the dress in this photo. How does one describe it....harlequin ethnic? It's not even mediocre. Is this the best that American design can come up with?
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