Friday, June 13, 2008

Crazy about Carla

I don't know about you but I'm crazy about Carla Bruni aka Madame Sarkozy. I mean what's not to like? She's just released a new album, and according to the news it has lived up to her usual audaciousness.

A sampling of the lyrics:

Ma Came
You are my fix,
More deadly than Afghan heroin
More dangerous than Colombian white

Une Enfant
I am a child
Despite my 40 years
Despite My 30 Lovers
A child.

So now Sarko has more on his plate to deal with in addition to his huge diplomatic gaff of inviting Bashir Assad to join him for France's annual Bastille Day parade and festivities.
From the Times Online

In the meantime, Sarko has another little diplomatic flare-up to douse. Colombia has taken offence over Carla Bruni's new song (last post), the one that likens her lover to the best Afghan heroin and Colombian cocaine.
Fernando Araujo, Colombian Foreign Minister, said: "In the mouth of the wife of the President of France, this kind of utterance is very painful for Colombia". His country was trying to eradicate a trade that has caused so much death and violence, he reminded France.

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