Monday, May 21, 2012

Pinterest versus Blogging

Do you love Pinterest as much as much as I do?
Where else can you find photos of everything from clothes to recipes, jewelry to gardens.
It's like twitter but with gorgeous images and without the silly tweets.

I like to look at pretty things on Pinterest
especially pretty gardens like in this image

But La Dolce Vita blog asks today: Is Pinterest Hurting The Blog World?

I don't think so, but I am a reader who enjoys a cleverly written post.

Are you on Pinterest?
Do you think that it is hurting the blog world?
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déjà pseu said...

I like both, but I think they're two different experiences. I read blogs for the written content, and Pinterest for the images. (OMG, the garden pictures are *insane*! If I win the lottery I already have a dozen ideas for my "outdoor room.")

helen tilston said...

I am on Pinterist but rarely go on.
I love reading my favourite blogs and I cannot do both and paint as well, so blogging wins each time.
Helen xx

The enchanted home said...

I dont think so either...I love the connections made in reading about peoples lives, their desires,dreams,aspirations,etc....while looking at pretty pictures is a thrill, you cannot possibly duplicate the experience you have when interacting with bloggers, just my two cents! (Hope I am right) lol!

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