Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wednesday Weather Miscellany and a Walk On The Wild Side

You might think that it is always sunshine and blue skis around here
like in this photo of Rodeo Drive
This is what it actually looked like this week
only a mile or so west of Beverly Hills in Brentwood

Fog blanketing Santa Monica and Brentwood as seen from the 25th floor
How heavy the fog can get here in Los Angeles

And, when we are not braving le brouillard
we are fighting off wild beasts

Yes people, that is a wild bobcat drinking from a swimming pool in Bel Air
The photo was taken last Friday and posted on the Bel Air blog maybe we haven't suffered from Old Testament style weather and some people...but the more that we encroach on mother nature, the more that she reminds us that we aren't the only animals in this urban jungle.
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Anonymous said...

So that's a bobcat? Most lovely, is it wrong to imagine shoes, belts etc?

Belle de Ville said... very wrong...but in a good way. After seeing your photo in your salmon fishing outfit, I can sort of imagine you running around the wilds of Bel Air in a Meryl Streep "Out of Africa" hunting on the veldt style outfit!
Bobcats beware!

Katherine said...

omg! Had no idea the smog was so bad - that photo of the cat is adorable though!

Belle de Ville said...

Katherine: Smog...HA!
And yes, that cat is adorable, especially for an animak that will rip out your throat.

Sydney Shop Girl said...

That bobcat looks as if he owns that pool!

SSG xxx

Sydney Shop Girl blog

Belle de Ville said...

SSG: bobcats and coyotes...just another reason to have a doberman pinscher as a pet.

David Toms said...

There is something about fog which I love! Not sure what it is! Ah the bobcat is so cute (can I say that?)

The Preppy Princess said...

The fog photos are beautiful, they very much have a very Shangri-La feel. As for the bobcat, yikes!

Sending you a smile,

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