Thursday, September 15, 2011

September Stories and Garden Galas

Over the summer I like to take a break from serious reading.
What about you?

Here are some of the books that I've read in the last month.

The George R.R. Martin series starting with the Game of Thrones.
If you like an epic story with political intrigue among competing clans, characters with unbridled ambition who are willing to destroy all in their paths in their lust for power, kind of like Washington D.C., these books are for you.
Consider them to be a sort of a Lord of the Rings type fantasy, except darker, much darker.
Jill, has read these books too and she's as anxious as I am for the final book to be released.
The 19th Wife, is the story of Eliza Young, the apostate renegade wife of Brigham Young who publicly denounces polygamy, cleverly interwoven with a murder mystery involving a contemporary 19th wife of Fundamentalist LDS cult member.  Ebershoff combines the development of Mormonism in 19th Century with the cult's bizarre behavior in the 21st Century. Of particular interest to me was the history of "hand cart" migration of European immigrants.  Their treatment was deplorable.

If you enjoy well written historical fiction you will like Cleopatra's Daughter.  Did you know that Roman women worried about stretch marks from pregnancy?  I didn't either.

I'm a huge fan of the New York Times bestselling author Daniel Silva.  He writes amazing international thrillers centered on a main character who is an artist and art restorer.  I recently finished The Rembrandt Affair and Portrait of a Spy. If you like thrillers, I highly recommend these books, but start from the beginning of the series because the story and the characters evolve with each new book.

When not reading it's been all fancy pants parties and soirees for me.
Well not really but I was happy to attend the 100 anniversary gala for the Friends of Virginia Robinson Gardens.  It was a beautiful event held in the gardens of Viginia Robinson's home, the first estate built in Beverly Hills in 1911.
Look how pretty the tables were under the lights suspended above the lawn.  And I loved the way that pink shawls were provided for all the ladies because it was a little chilly after the sun went down.
The guests were treated to a water ballet as pre-dinner entertainment which I thought was charming until the silk chiffon of  the hem of my dress sopped up water left by the swimmers on the brick path next to the pool. Luckily, no permanent damage was done, because I really loved my dress.
You might think that my gown was a little too 'mother of the bride-ish', but I thought that it was rather Edith Wharton-ish.

My peeps from Patrick McMullin liked it too...and why will they only sell hard copy prints instead of digital jpegs?
I thought that the french blue color of my dress was perfect for this suite of moonstone and diamond jewelry as you can see from the before photo.
And here is the after photo...specifically after a couple of glasses of wine photo. 
The jewelry looks good but what's up with my shiny forehead?

We've been busy buying at Beladora and hopefully I will be able to show you some awesome Art Deco pieces soon.

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Anonymous said...

You look magnificent!
I'm always shiny, I've ben agreasywretch since my hormones kicked in at 12.

LPC said...

Don't know which I like better, the George R.R. Martin books or the way you look in that dress with those jewels. Gorgeous! I'd call you Cercei, but she was so mean:).

déjà pseu said...

I have the Game of Thrones loaded up on my Kindle and ready for the next time I have more than 15 minutes to read...

You look stunning in that blue gown and moonstones/diamonds! Who's that at the table with you? Newt? ;-P

Looking forward to seeing your new Art Deco offerings.

Belle de Ville said...

Tabitha, seriously I look this way in every photo. I think that I need to start wearing powder on my face...or just stay away from cameras.

Lisa, I don't want to watch the HBO film version because I'm convinced that I will be disappointed after reading the books.
Cercie...haha...if I only I were that devious!

helen tilston said...

You look so regal and elegant at the function and the shine is because you radiate and glow with joy.
Having just returned from Ireland my suitcase is full of works by Irish authors, Ghost Light by Joseph O'Connor is brilliant.
Helen xx

Belle de Ville said...

Pseu, definitely not Newt!

Belle de Ville said...

Helen, I never read anything by Joseph O'Conner but I will definitely read it. Thank you for the suggestion.

David Toms said...

You were busy! What a swell party! I have a special spot for moonstones (bit of a story, I might blog about). I think you look absolutely fab,

Style Diaries said...

your dress is divine the color look so regal, looks good on you.

Anonymous said...

may i say that imho you simply look swooninly-devulely - i cannot but second @Style Diaries apropos "regal" and very elegante colour & elegante jewels.
(being me i simply/visually "inhaled" your photos and thought "wow" in capital letters ;)

and please do not reflect/think ever about "shiny forehead" e.a. - your photos show a timeless & classical-natural-full-of-life-glow-woman
*just my 2cents

salut & cheers,

Jill said...

Stunning! Radiant! Moonstone Glowing Hotness!!

Vegas Discount Gifts said...

Very nice. Great pictures. As far as books, I take time off from the different types of books that I like to read. I do read a lot of books. I know that I pick that up from my mother. She is an avid reader. She got me addicted to Sandra Brown books. :)

The Preppy Princess said...

Oh Miss Belle, that gown is stunning on you, that blue is gorgeous with your coloring, ooh-la-la!

Sending you a smile,

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