Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Problems With Blogging

Last week there was an article on Drudge stating that internet addiction was as difficult to kick as drugs or alcohol. 
Why do I find this difficult to believe?
I spend virtually all day long in front of my computer
so stepping away from it seems like a vacation.
Forget social networking and twitter
I haven't even logged on to facebook in over 2 months.
But I do follow a lot of blogs and I read them everyday.

This year I have been so frustrated with Google blogger because of the problems with  my profile disappearing when I'm trying to comment on a blog post
and as you know by now, I am opinionated...and I like to leave comments.
Because of this frustration I assume that I could easily give up blogging
without an intervention or a 12 step program
so no addiction here.

Have you been having the same frustrations with Google blogger?
If so, how do you handle it?

Is this Google issue or maybe an Explorer issue?
Should I be using  Firefox?

Oh, and I appreciate everyone who takes the time to leave a comment on BHB
If I'm not commenting on your blogs, it's not because I'm not reading them
it is because blogger is on the blink.
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David Toms said...

I was having this problem for so long and still have it occassionally with some blogs. It does not seem to matter which browser I use. Howver one way I did overcome it was where it asks you to select profile, choose Name/URL option, type in you name and your blog address ie. in you case

and it seems to work.

I know how frustrating this is!

Belle de Ville said...

David, yesterday I had this issue with your blog!
Yes, I know that I can input my user name URL etc, but if I do that with every blog that I want to comment on, it will all day.

YONKS said...

Please,please, please don't stop, I would miss you!

I was having the same problem but googled it and it seemed the vast wave of advice was to hit, tools, internet options and then delete all browsing history. Hey presto, it worked for me. Give it a try!
Di :-)

Wildernesschic said...

Yes I am having the same issues but as i am sooooo opinionated I keep going .. giggle xx
You I am not as frequent as I would like to be ..but I need to spread my time and priorities ..Its the word verification that really pisses me off tho I always get wrong .. xx

teawithonesugarplease said...

I have this too, sometimes I can comment other times I can't. When I can't I skip and don't bother to comment (well I can't) does that make sense? I thought it was because of the laptop I was using as oppose to the mac????

Faux Fuchsia said...

This issue is driving me CRAZY CRAZY I tell you!!!!! I can't comment and it is beyond frustrating.

I feel and share your pain xxx

Jill said...

I'm feeling blog burnout...not sure what I'm going to do.

I use firefox and typically don't have a problem.

Kathy in FW TX said...

While on the verge of committing google suicide, after trying all the suggested fixes (extremely frustrated that I could NOT discuss the problem with google via any means at all!!) and switched from IE to firefox and have had no issues since as long as I remember NOT to select IE when I log on

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