Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Voloptuous Vixens in Italian Vogue and Gilded Greecian Goddeesses in French Vogue

Did you know about the new issue of  Italian Vogue?
I didn't but I read about it on The Sartorialist today.

I'm not so hot about the way the model was posed on the right side of the cover
But I do think that these girls are beautiful
What do you think about the magazine using voluptuous models?

Have you see this month's French Vogue?
I thought that homage to Linda Evagelista photographed by Mert and Marcus was rather clever.
I also liked the fact that the entire issue was devoted to Greece
especially now that the country could benefit by some increased tourism.
There were lots of shots like with models in bathing suits and major gold bracelets.
I don't know anyone who actually wears such big bling on the beach
but it makes for a beautiful image.
And then in perusing the magazine, imagine my surprise when I saw this exact image on one of the accessories pages featuring Greek Jewelry.

I was thrilled to see our image in print in French Vogue...
but it would have been nice for Beladora to have been credited.

Admittedly, I snag images for BHB all the time and I rarely credit the photographer or the source
so I guess turnaround is fair play.
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YONKS said...

I love the foreign Vogue magazines, had a huge collection of them when I was in my twenties. Can you believe I threw them away! I love the more voluptuous models, being curvy myself. Real women in mags is what we need more of to end the cycle of unrealistic beauty. I agree the pose on the right is not very ladylike :-) Surely that much bling on the beach could set you on fire if it gets hot enough! Great post.

Anonymous said...

They are stunning looking girls, but I don't think being fat makes a woman a 'real woman' any more than being model sized thin makes a woman beautiful.
I saw the pics inside too and they don't look so good there, I don't find that aesthetic attractive but each to their own. My life would be easier if I accepted my natural weight but I would be bloody miserable.
Fat and happy never went hand in hand for me.

I think the editors should have used the full length photos from inside if they had really wanted to start a fair debate, instead of hiding the models behind props.

Belle - I've had trouble commenting on your blog since Saturday! I thought the gift for your son was fantastic.

Jennifer Fabulous said...

These covers are stunning, especially the Italian Vogue. I agree, the model on the right could have been posed better. Haha. But I think using curvy models was perfect for this vintage inspired shoot. :)

vicki archer said...

I like the voluptuous makes a welcome change...xv

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

I love the Italian Vogue cover, the girls are stunning.

The Mert and Marcus picture looks like Linda but it's Isabeli Fontana.

Whether the jewellery is credited or not people will still be looking for the great pieces you stock xx

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