Wednesday, June 22, 2011

How To Wear Estate Jewelry - Shades of Gray For Summer

I'm not ignoring you...really I'm not.
It's just that I've been busy, really busy.

For some reason it's been a celebrity filled week
and...I'm still waiting for Lady Gaga's people to get back to my people...
you know how those things go.

I had wanted to post about the new Chanel collection
a Byzantine beauty if I ever saw one
but Tabitha beat me to it...and added poetry!
So go read her post.

Here at the HQ, we love to see jewelry worn on the head
so the diadems in these ads are especially appealing.
Also, have you noticed the recent Harry Winston and Van Cleef ads for diamond barrettes?
That is the trend in jewelry
along with vintage brooches
You heard it here first.

Summer may have officially started but it is still gray, foggy and cold every morning
and while I'd love to whip out the summer whites and pastels,
I'm still wearing winter colors like this charcoal gray
Luckily, it matches my Beladora pearl jewelry

God I look old and tired in this shot
Hopefully botox and a beach vacation will be coming up in my near future!
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LPC said...

Yup. Bar pins as barrettes. Privilege, not too long ago:). With Beladora as inspiration, of course.

Revere said...

Very classy! The pearls in motion are absolutely stunning!

Jill said...

You look marvelous in pale shades of grey and pearls, of course!

I Dream Of said...

Love the butterfly pin -- think it would be the perfect touch with the black and white dress I might wear to our Mad Men-themed part this weekend!

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