Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Evolution of Style - Another Reason For Optimism

Last week I blogged about Interior Desecrations, James Likeks book about hideous interior decoration from the 1970s.  We've evolved from that time and thank god for that.
This week Maxminimus, natty gent and writer extraordinaire,
has brought us a great post First Car - First Girl,
a reminiscence of his 1970s youth, a time when printed nik-nik shirts and platformed famolare shoes were all the rage for trendy men.  Even the Allman Brothers looked bad in nik-nik shirts.
Be sure to read his post.

And today designer/blogger Scott Wood brings us Patrick Grant getting dressed
and proving that at least when it comes to men's fashion,
things have evolved from the sartorially shamefull 70s.

Note Mr. Grant's attention to detail even with the color of his cufflinks and the way that he coordinates the color of his watch strap, belt and shoes.

When it comes to men's fashion I'm unabashedly a trad. 
I appreciate well tailored clothes, quality shoes and coordinated colors.
I'm a trad when it comes to men's jewelry too.  A watch, wedding ring and cufflinks are all the jewelry, in my opinion, that a man should wear.  Even with this limited range there can be plenty of opportunities for a man to show his individualism.

So here are some cufflinks
have at it

And have a Happy Father's!
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Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

It is difficult to think of the 1970s in any positive way with regard to clothing or to architecture or to home furnishings or to all manner of other things.

The dynamism of the 1960s had waned and the confidence of the luxury brand had yet to fully emerge. Instead the 'Abba' look pervaded. Light years away from the assured and subtle elegance of Patrick Grant.

Mardel said...

I always loved watching my husband turn up his collar and insert the collar stays, the same way it is done in this video. I still don't know what to do with his beautiful leather box of collar stays: he can no longer button a shirt and no one I know wants or uses them. It is a shame.

Although I may not be much of a trad myself, I most definitely am when it comes to men, men's fashion, and men's jewelry.

David Toms said...

Yes things have evolved as Jane and LAnce say in a positive way. I thing men's fashion has become more refined with now just subtle ouches of dandyism. There were great upheavals in the 70's that affected the way men dress and whether we will see those sorts of changes again is debateable.

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