Saturday, December 11, 2010

Music and Film - Immortal Beloved

I was reading the post today at Maxminimus today about a football playing thug who earns $1.4 million a month. It reminded me of all the music industry thugs, if you will, who glorify a life of violence and drugs and who make bazillions of dollars doing it.  I don't believe that in 200 years this music will be still be appreciated..but I could be wrong.  In the meantime all these musicians are laughing their way to the bank.

What I've been listening to recently is music by a man who you could say also glorified violence, at least he did in one instance, by dedicating his Symphony #3 to Napoleon. 
But Beethoven later redeemed himself by renaming the Symphony Eroica after Napoleon declared himself Emperor in 1804.

I'm guessing that in 200 years, the music of Beethoven will still be appreciated.

Symphony No. 7 in A Major Op. 92 Allegretto

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David Toms said...

You know that they said that about the Beatles and they are still making money! However that said I am in agreement with you.

Deja Pseu said...

Last season the Long Beach Symphony featured Beethoven pieces during each concert. It was fantastic! The 9th and the Pastorale are still my faves.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

Completely agree with this. I was thinking about classical music today. I'm involved with the Philharmonic Society (OC) and just bought a ticket to the Vienna Philharmonic for March 2011. Can't wait! :)

The current system is unsustainable, to be sure, but if we want it to change we must alter our behaviour. For every one handsome betweeded fogey who likes books and classical music, there are a hundred deadbeats who spend their lives on the sofa watching over-paid sub-humanoids run back and forth across a playing field somewhere. This only encourages the corporate elites to keep paying the sub-humanoids undeserved sums and helps perpetuate the system.

That said, the elites in power, including the music industry thugs in Hollywood, only glorify violence. When the real thing hits them--and it will--they won't have a clue how to react! The recent youth riots in London, Paris, and Moscow only highlight the impotence of Western governments and their helplessness in the face of unrest.

Crank up the Beethoven!

Belle de Ville said...

David: Don't get me wrong, I love modern music too and much of the Beatles work is classic. But, will every song by 50cent and JayZ still be listened to in 100 years?

Pseu: I adore the Pastoral and the 9th too and the sonatas too! I would love to attend a program at the LA Philharmonic with just music by Beethovan.

LBF: Good for you for being involved with the OC Phil!

We have to support our institutions that keep our cultural heritage alive. The LA Opera has an outreach program that teaches school children about opera. Children need exposure to classical symphonic music as well...god knows too few of them are getting it from their parents.

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