Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Jewelry Biz - The Windsor Jewels At Auction...Again

Thank God Tabitha reminded me that today is the Sotheby's auction for the Windsor jewels...
I hadn't been paying attention.
Here's the famous 1952 Cartier onyx and diamond panther bracelet
which has estimates of 1 million to 1.5 million pounds.

That is pretty pricey for a panther...even one with provenance
Here's another view
Not only is it a great bracelet, it is iconic Cartier
But there is something, to me at least, not fresh about this collection.
In addition to the fact that the collection is so famous
haven't we seen all these items at auction before?
And would it be catty of me to say that these pretty panther pieces get around?

And what do we have here?
Oh it's a past  Beladora homepage photo with a panther bracelet.

And we have another perching panther from the past gracing the homepage of Beladora?
This one, in sapphires and diamonds sitting on a huge sapphire, had serious provenance too.
Don't get excited people, it's sold.

Now if you want to know about a woman with a jewel collection that put the Windsor's to shame
Dash has a post about the amazing Maharani Sita Devi of Baroda

Now this Baroda babe not only had an incredible life, she had some serious bling.

OK, bear with me just a little longer please because I just have to brag.
All of the photography for Beladora is done in house by the very talented Elizabeth Kollar.
Here's a link to the past homepage cover art for Beladora.
It's a good as anything that would come out of a fancy pants Madison Avenue advertising agency,
Don't you agree?
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David Toms said...


See my post


The Duchess pales to insignifcance when compared to the Maharani on all levels

John said...

Panther went for 4.5m pounds. Over the 1.5m est. Sale was a success with sale prices reacing 7.9m GPD

John said...

Panther was beautiful but the Flamingo is pretty ugly

Belle de Ville said...

David: That was a woman who had the best!
John: 4.5 million pounds!!!
Wow! Now I'm dying to know, who was the buyer?

John said...

I don't know who bought it yet. Rumer was Madonna wanted it bad.

Belle de Ville said...

Well Madonna could certainly afford it.

party dress in paris said...


I liked all of them. Wish could have purchased it :)

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