Sunday, October 3, 2010

Around Town - Dave McCoy Photography at the Harris and Ruble Gallery

Last night I went to the opening night show of 'Wild Eyes in the Sierra Skies' featuring Dave McCoy's photography at the Harris & Ruble Gallery in Hollywood in collaboration with Posner Fine Art.
Dave McCoy, a founding developer of the Mammoth Mountain ski resort in the Sierra Nevada, has been taking photographs of the region since the 1930s.  Now in his 90s he is still taking pictures of the Mammoth area. 
This shot of the sunset was one of my favorites
...naturally, my photo of it would be completely askew
To see more photos there is his book Tracks of Passion ,a photo essay on the development of Mammoth Mountain, and the Dave McCoy website.

Personally, I like this iconic photo of the man himself shot by Warren Miller making skiing in a t-shirt representative of California skiing.
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