Monday, September 6, 2010

Music Appreciation - From Chopin to Hendrix

I adore the music articles in the WSJ Life & Culture section
Last week I was all about Chopin's Preludes
Chopin's Small Miracles - Despite their brevity the Preludes loom large musically
You might like the very fast
Prelude Op. 3 by Chopin master, Ivo Pogorelich
or the forceful 
Prelude Op. 15 by Maurizio Pollini
or the long and longing
Prelude Op. 45 by Ivo Pogorelich 
Yes, Pollini probably plays the Preludes better but he just isn't as romatical as Pogorelich, is he.

This week I'm on to other music entirely
String Quartet Does Hendrix - Turtle Island's new album is  a tribute to his genius

Here is more about the group going Hendrix

I'm pleased to see classically trained musicians having an appreciation of Hendrix

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Make Do Style said...

Actually I'm sure that Hendrix loved Chopin - I have no idea where I've gleamed this from but I'm pretty sure it is true! I think it was because Oscar Wilde did too.

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

It's wonderful that they're doing Hendrix! xx

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