Sunday, September 5, 2010

Mixed Messages From Vogue - I'm So Confused

Is Vogue style schizophrenic? gives us the August Best Dressed List including these two images of Leigh Lezark, whoever she is and Beyonce.
Are these the kind of clothes that you have to wear to make it to Vogue's Best Dressed List?

And then we have the Classic Revival in the Vogue print issue featuring these 1960s -1970s inspired looks, clean lines, reasonably sized ladylike bags, tasteful good jewelry.
Why is Vogue all over the place?  
Doesn't Anna Wintour have a clear fashion vision or is she trying to be everything to everyone?
BTW, I'm thrilled that we are finally moving back towards classic styles, although there is nothing elegant about those chunky heeled yellow shoes.
Is anyone besides me getting a Ali McGraw 'The Getaway' - Faye Dunaway 'Thomas Crown Affair' vibe from these fashions?

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Wildernesschic said...

Not keen on either choice but I do love those shoes below xx

MyStyle said...

Hi there-love the blazer and turban in the last pic, great to see these sort of pieces are forever stylish!

Jill said...

I'm all for pattern mixing, but Beyonce' looks ridiculous and her House of Dereon is just mind-numbingly bad. I can't imagine Anna Wintour being a fan.

tish jett said...

As usual, I'm sure it's all about advertising and trying to rope in a new generation to keep buying Vogue and by extension the products the magazine is pushing.

Yes, I agree with you, I'm thrilled with so many of the new clothes. I would love to walk into Chloé and say, "Oh, I'll take that and that and that and that and that."

Oh, well. I think I'll shop my closet.

SewingLibrarian said...

Vogue does seem to be all over the place these days. The September issue was not well edited, in my opinion. If one has no interest in their charity shopping night, it was an almost total waste of time.
I love the classic looks of this fall. These are clothes any woman can wear.

Anonymous said...

I think Beyonce is a tacky mess, Leigh Lezark is cool in that Alexa Cheung young hip girl way.
Oh I loved the wardrobe in the Thomas Crown Affair an din the remake too with the stunning redhead whose name escapes me.

metscan said...

The very first clothes mix picture actually is not bad at all.

Make Do Style said...

I am so getting and have been living the Ali McGraw vibe - love her films. I actually do like those chunky heeled yellow numbers - of which I'm quite surprised! xx

WendyB said...

Look at the light blue shoes. Ooooh.

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