Thursday, September 9, 2010

Around Town - The Griffith Observatory

What's the second most fun thing that you can do in the evening in Los Angeles for free?
Yep, you guessed it

Last night I was fortunate enough to have a private tour of the Griffith Park Observatory, which has just celebrated its 75th anniversary. Even if the city sky was so ridden with fog that the telescope was useless, I could still enjoy observatory's exhibits amid the 1935 Art Deco architecture.
Apparently winter has started already in Southern California so it was time to drag out the winter wardrobe.  Naturally, I managed to action some jewelry that would work with my wool cardigan and skirt in jewel tones of ruby and sapphire.
So voila, the photo. Yes it is me at the event in my chunky faceted ruby bead necklace. Does the photo look a bit odd,  but I've been photoshopped onto a photo with a different vista from the observatory.  I liked this background better because you can see the Hollywood sign in the background.
(Question: as long as I was photoshopping myself, why didn't I make myself taller, thinner and younger like a Rlaph Lauren model?)
Well anyhoo, here's the jewelry
Chunky ruby beads, funky ruby earrings and a vintage Concord diamond watch. It worked.

Also, not to be missed at the Griffith Observatory, the Light of the Valkyries show at the planetarium set to the music of Wagner's Ring, that was created to coincide with the Ring Cycle that was presented by the LA Opera.
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Laguna Beach Trad said...

What is the first ,thing?

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

Dear Belle, you look great. The jewellery is perfect with your outfit xx

The Preppy Princess said...

Those chunky beads are a beautiful color Miss Belle, they look like candy!

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