Friday, April 16, 2010

Ebay For Jewelry - Why?

Ebay can be awesome, for all kinds of vintage (and new) stuff, right Sher?
But I really do wonder who is buying jewelry on Ebay.

This vintage Hermes gold choker/tiara sold for $2950 on
The same exact piece is up for sale on Ebay for $17,500

So yeah...who is buying jewelry on Ebay and why?
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teawithonesugarplease said...

Oh don't get it either, I wouldn't trust the seller despite the feedback for high-end jewels. I would want to go into a store try all the stuff on and make a very careful decision.

Belle de Ville said...

TWOSP, whether in a retail store or an online store like Beladora, the key to buying jewelry is to buy from a reputable jeweler that has a easy and friendly return policy. If they make it difficult for you to return a something that you have bought, you do not want to be their client.

Mardel said...

Sometimes the prices on Ebay amaze me and I wonder if people buy these things. But I do think there are some reputable sellers and some good values to be found, although I'm not particularly sure about jewelry per se. I do think you do your research and be careful.

Mardel said...

Oh, I haven't actually purchased much jewelry on Ebay, for the reasons you mention, except for a David Yurman enhancer and chain for my DIL. She loves that stuff, I think it is overpriced and paid a good price for a piece she loved, but I sometimes wonder if that is the exception rather than the rule.

metscan said...

Paying such a sum on eBay is taking a huge risk. I don´t think I could do it.

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