Sunday, March 21, 2010

To Read And Enjoy

Tessa Scoffs has recommended what has become my new favorite boy blog
Admiral Cod written by Laguna Beach Trad

Why do I adore this blog?
Maybe it's because of the multi-lingual posts
or the interesting choice of music videos
or the unabashed anglo-german-franco-philia
or the attitude about the investment business

or maybe it's because the blogger, so very un-Laguna like, wears the full on prep attire of rep ties, alden shoes, pink shirts, topsiders and madras shorts like my ex-fiance wore when we both lived Laguna Beach.
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Reggie Darling said...

Hello Belle:
Thanks for stopping by Reggie and commenting. I, too, enjoy the Laguna man's blog, have been following it for a good while now. I look forward to reading more of yours. Reggie

Style, She Wrote said...

Great post. Love the blog recommendation and image.

Fab blog. Will be sure to check back soon.

Couture Carrie said...

So fun, darling!


metscan said...

Well, I can´t stand this guy!! Ages ago I stumbled on his blog ( don´t even know how I managed to do that ), and ugh, as he mentions in his hobbies, sex, that what he was writing about at that time. I found the tales disgusting, and had already forgotten him completely. Maybe he is interesting, but my memories make me vomit ;)

Belle de Ville said...

Reggie and Style, thank you for stopping by BHB!
Carrie, thanks.
Metscan, I like to look at a lot of different blogs coming from writers with different perspectives, and the male perspective of this blog is definitely diffferent.

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