Sunday, March 21, 2010

Now I Know Why I Avoid Stores And Shop Online

I went to Ikea yesterday
Now I know why Sweden has the highest rate of suicide
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LPC said...

Oh I could not agree more. The 7th level of hell.

Jill said...

I can't stand Ikea...I get overwhelmed...and I never get overwhelmed!

Tish Jett said...

I'm still laughing out loud. And then I'm thinking, "you shouldn't be laughing out loud." Too funny.

I also hate IKEA, for some reason I cannot understand and probably never will Mt-Reason-Fore-Living-In-France loves it. He likes to measure things. I suppose it's not that weird because he's an architect, but it drives me nuts.

When I go with him it really and truly is an act of love. I try to add a smile to the excruciating experience, that is the most difficult.

Belle de Ville said...

LPC: 7th level of hell indeed.

Jill: I would like to like Ikea...but I just can't.

Seriously, walking through Ikea is like being a rat in a experimental maze.
Tish: I was so shocked when I rented my apartement de standing in Paris because it did not come with a kitchen! Thank God a trip to Ikea and two clever French men, solved the kitchen issue.
But until yesterday, that was my last trip to Ikea.

metscan said...

I´m surprised. I thought everyone over there is crazy about IKEA. All this time I have held a Monalisa smile while picturing people going in and coming out with loads of stuff. And now I read that there actually are people over there, who feel just like me about IKEA. I have been to the place 3 times and have been caught by a panic attack every time. I get these attacks also in huge supermarkets and hardware stores. So definitely I avoid all three.

The Townhouselady said...

I love the concept of Ikea I just hate going there.

In fact we purchased our daughter's nursery furniture from Ikea and I must say the quality is amazing given the price points. I couldn't be happier with the pieces themselves. Shopping for them? I lost 2.3 years off my life just due to anxiety.

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