Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Monetize This!

About a week ago, Make Do Style had a long post about blog writing and business and I wanted to write about the same subject but haven't had the time.
But to go on record here, I know how much time you put into writing your blog, and if you can monetize your blog through ad sales or affiliate sales, I'm all for it.

Also, if I am going to buy a particular product, I would prefer to buy that product through your blog than through a department store. And, let's face it, I read your blogs, I enjoy what I read, and I appreciate your advice and product recommendations so naturally I'd love to shop through your site.

Years ago I signed up as an affiliate for Myla, Yoox, Boden and a few other random stores...but as you can see, I rarely have time to post about these products and still get in all my ranting on BHB. (For the record, I've been turned down by Neiman Marcus as an affiliate...which kinda cracks me up given that it is pretty much the only department store that I shop at! Maybe the powers that be at Neimans just don't have the proper appreciation for my posts on politicians and sex tapes.)

But, I would really like to become an affiliate of Amazon.com because I love to read and I enjoy recommending books to you. Perhaps BHB is not too objectionable for Amazon affiliation!

I am also not an affiliate of Beladora.com....for obvious reasons. But I invite you to become a Beladora affiliate. So no, you won't be paid in gold bars but you will be paid by check or paypal a commission for any sale on any full price item that occurs from a click through from your website.

And, Beladora as part of Kazanjian & Fogarty, Inc. is serious about paying commissions to any one who refers a client. We would rather pay commissions than pay for an ad in a newspaper or magazine.

I'm so not shy when it comes to my brand so you will probably receive an email from me inviting you to become an affiliate.
But if you want to start right away here are the links:
You can sign up as an affiliate for Beladora.com here
and for Beladora2.com here

It's easy, all you do is send your name, email, and blog url and we will send you an email with your individual affiliate number and information about what code to use when you want to link to a product.

And this holds for my blogging peeps in Canada, Australia, The UK and Europe. Beladora will ship jewelry anywhere in the world as long as the shipment can be insured....so that kind leaves out Russia, North Korea, Somalia, etc.
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La Belette Rouge said...

LOL! When NM asks you to be an affiliate will you send them over to me too? I would be happy even if they paid in InCirlce points.
I have thought about contacting Therapistfinder.com and/or Psychology Today to see if they would like to advertise on my page---but I never got further than a thought.

Jill said...

I want to! Am I already? I don't even know. I saw Beladora mentioned in O Mag!!

Belle de Ville said...

Jill, I don't think that you are. I'm working on sending out a letter about it.

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