Thursday, February 18, 2010

In The Eye Of The Beholder

Who comes up with this nonsense?
No really, who?
Who did they sample for the poll, how representative was the sample?
How do you rate the attractiveness of entire nations?

Granted, here in Beverly Hills we have an above average number of attractive people, especially given the fact that the most beautiful people in the country, if not the world, come here to be actors and models. Add to that the healthy sporty and beach driven culture, men and women here tend to be good looking.
But Americans in general...they obviously haven't travelled to the places that I've been.

What about all those gorgeous Argentinians, Australians and Austrians...and I'm only at the A's.
Brits, Bahrainis, Brazilians?
Saudis, South Koreans and Swedes?
I will say this though about the US, we do have such a varied population in terms of ethnicity that not only do we have gorgeous Caucasians, we have gorgeous Asian Americans, Hispanic Americans, African Americans, American Indians, Arab Americans etc. and more beauty of various ethnic groups that any other country. No other country can boast such variety in beautiful but very different types.
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1 comment:

Michael St. James said...

I agree! How can one judge the beauty of an entire nation? How do we even define beauty? Who was polled? And what's the point anyway...Who cares?

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