Friday, January 8, 2010

Cuisine Francais - a la "Old School'

I have an affection for 'old school' style restaurants and I remember having, maybe not great meals but great dining experiences at places like the "21" Club and the Rainbow Room. Los Angeles is all about the new new thing when it comes to food and there are very few traditional 'old school' restaurants left. So voila, New York.

This is the second time this week that I've read about this very traditional Manhattan restaurant Le Veau d'Or. Thanks to The Trad I found this video of Anthony Bourdain enjoying an old fashioned french meal. The Epic liked it so much that he dined there several times on his holiday vacation.

Definitely it will be on the top of my list for my next trip to New York.

Do you have an 'old school' favorite?

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Sher said...

I waited a while, but it did show up. I was confused when I saw the Cantonese snails. But then the french restaurant showed up. It truly would be a place I'd want to go before it changes for good.

Jill said...

When I was in college I was the hostess at a restaurant called Rudy's. Very old school...the waiters had all worked there for years. Very traditional dishes and lots of table service. There was a seating chart showing the tables of the patrons that came almost every day...old money Houston...which is kind of an oxymoron. Anna Nicole's Sugar Daddy/husband Howard Marshall used to eat lunch at Rudy's after hitting the titty bars. Also his old mistress Lady Walker...old as in age old. She matched her limos to her outfits! Seriously....she had black, white, baby blue, pink, pale yellow. It was surreal. She died on the operating table getting more plastic surgery.

Belle de Ville said... I just want to go to NY just to have dinner at this restaurant!
Jill...the color coordinated Texas and so funny.

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