Wednesday, November 4, 2009

NY View

OK, so maybe I don't have Central Park as my view, but what's not to like about being on the 20th floor and looking at the gorgeous architecture and trees on the building across the street.

I think the big window with the big curtains, set in the mansard style roof, is the office of the Carlisle Collection clothing company. Nice real estate, no wonder the clothes are so expensive.
Question: Does anyone wear clothes from the Carlisle Collection?
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Jill said...

Isn't the Carlisle Collection the company that they sell the clothes from homes? Here's a little secret. I hate shopping with anyone. I think it's really private and I hate traipsing out of the dressing room to get everyone's opinion. My opinion is the only one I need.

The view is great. I haven't been to NYC since 1998ish. Are you going to see WendyB?

LPC said...

I miss New York. My current favorite hotel there is 60 Thompson. But I'm flexible:).

Belle de Ville said...

Jill, You haven't been to NY since that because there's no fly fishing here?
I hate shopping with people too, that is why I like to shop online. The Carlisle clothes are elegant and age appropriate, but trunk shows are inconvient.
LPC: I don't know the 60 Thompson but I will check it out while I'm here. All of my meetings are in Mid-Town so it's just so convient to stay in this area. I would have preferred the upper east side, or something with a pretty view....but business is business.

miss cavendish said...

Love NYC in the fall. I miss getting a toasted bagel on the way to work and browsing the garment district at lunch, or taking a power walk to Takashimaya up 5th.

Belle de Ville said...

Yeah, there is much to appreciate here..but I will have much to write about when I get to my provencial little town of Los Angeles, which is a world away from manhattan.
NY I love for pleasure...for business, it is a differently thing entirely.
And I'm very sorry to say this but walking up 47th Street, through the jewelry district is utterly unpleasant...and I'm in the business!
There is so much difference between a business trip and a pleasure trip.

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