Friday, July 31, 2009

Traffic Signs, Fruits and Poodles - You Know You Want Them

British singer Lily Allen becomes the latest celebrity with a jewelry line. Allen, who was experiencing money trouble earlier this year, also has a dress collection for New Look and a handbag campaign for Chanel in the works. Vogue UK reports that Allen has created a jewelry collection that includes nine different ranges incorporating pieces like coins, medallions, traffic signs, fruits and poodles. Allen professes to be delighted with the new line and has a special fondness for the panda charms. The line will include layered chains with a quirky and whimsical style in keeping with Allen's girly girl meets "Girl Interrupted" look. Look for the line to be out this fall.
Can I just ask this one question
Is there a celebrity out there...anywhere...that doesn't have a jewelry line?
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miss cavendish said...

My youngest daughter really wants a (live) poodle.

Belle de Ville said...

Live poodles are lovely.

Sister Wolf said...

The more ugly jewelry out there, and I'm thinking Nicole Richie, the more one can appreciate the beauty of real jewelry. So maybe it's good??

Jill said...

How did she lose all her money?!

I'm so tired of cutesy/girly motifs. I guess I'm not the target market anymore, but I didn't like that crap when I was. A grown woman should not wear Hello Kitty, Juicy or Harajuku Girl trinkets. And I consider you a grown woman once you turn 18!

Belle de Ville said...

Jill, my question did she lose (squander) her money?

WendyB said...

Well, they're all such great and talented designers, why should they pass up an opportunity?

The Townhouselady said...

Lilly Allen? MAJOR party girl. She's even talked in the press about how much money she's squandered on her candy.

Belle de Ville said...

She admits to the press how much money she has squandered on her candy....well then by all means, let's give her a jewelry line!
Design talent and business acumen all in a pretty pink package!

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