Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Around Town - Champagne Thursdays At Christofle

Boutique versus Big Box

I tend to like to like one stop shopping so if you dropped me off at Neiman Marcus, or Target for that matter, I could easily walk out with enough shopping bags to fill the car.
But for certain things, such as silver gift items by Christofle, I prefer to shop in the Beverly Hills boutique.
And no, I'm not an affiliate for Christofle...
It's just that certain small businesses and boutiques in Beverly Hills, like Christofle, step up and support the local community while Big Box department stores, whose names shall remain unmentioned, don't make the effort.
So I'll be stopping by for my coup de champagne and to check out housewarming gifts for young Mr de Ville who will be closing escrow soon.
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