Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Fringe Benefits - The Suite Life

Danielle, the Gem Gossip girl, has posted on the return of the gold fringe necklace...with photos of that stuff from those other guys.
Yeah guys, I'll take your gold fringe and raise you one
with diamonds and south sea and cultured pearls courtesy of Beladora

And...this necklace comes with matching earrings, bracelet and ring
isn't it suite?
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Karen said...

Belle, this reminds me--I have two events this summer where I will auction off my services at two charity events....Maybe you can kit me out with jewelry as I hawk my wares and make the rounds at the auction table? I'll give you credit and you can give me, uh, a credit?Write me...

Belle de Ville said...

I would love it if you showed off the goods...as long as you say where you got them from.

Tabitha said...

Ooh, that is one of the most exquisite necklaces I have ever seen.

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