Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Beauty or Brains or Both

From Newswise (hat tip Deep Glamour)

“Little is known about why there are income disparities between the good-looking and the not-so-good-looking,” said the study’s lead author, Timothy Judge, PhD, of the University of Florida. “We’ve found that, even accounting for intelligence, a person’s feeling of self-worth is enhanced by how attractive they are and this, in turn, results in higher pay.”

The researchers found that physical attractiveness had a significant impact on how much people got paid, how educated they were, and how they evaluated themselves. Basically, people who were rated good-looking made more money, were better educated and were more confident. But the effects of a person’s intelligence on income were stronger than those of a person’s attractiveness.

And in this age of recession and layoffs
if you are "funemployed" (hat tip manolo)
this would be a good time to spend your days working out at the gym and sunning by the pool so that you can extra attractive the next time a job interview rolls around.
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