Sunday, May 17, 2009

Playing with Polyvore - Sophisticated Semiotician

Sophisticated Semiotician

"Semiotics is concerned with everything that can be taken as a sign. A sign is everything which can be taken as significantly substituting for something else. This something else does not necessarily have to exist or to actually be somewhere at the moment in which a sign stands in for it. Thus semiotics is in principle the discipline studying everything which can be used in order to lie. If something cannot be used to tell a lie, conversely it cannot be used to tell the truth; it cannot in fact be used 'to tell' at all. I think that the definition of a 'theory of the lie' should be taken as a pretty comprehensive program for a general semiotics." -Umberto Eco, Theory of Semiotics, 1976

(A Miss de Ville Production)
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Jill said...

Umberto Eco has always just driven me insane. I don't know if its stupidity on my part...I've never been able to read his books. Too exhausting.

On a superficial the shoes!

Belle de Ville said...

I don't like everything that Eco writes...but I loved "Foucault's Pedulum".
Oh and I love the shoes too!

WendyB said...

I want the pipe! ;-)

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