Friday, April 3, 2009

To Shopstyle or Not

I love Shopstyle.
Where else can you go on the net with access to different online vendors to create your own stylebooks with entire looks like these...and no...these aren't my groupings, I've filched them from style maven Jill of Stella's Roar.
So with Shopstyle you can search, create, blog and shop all in one place from hundreds of brands.
Jill's Mediterranean Dreams
Jill's Black and Gold

Jill's Blackamoor Luxe

Jill's Dubai Glamour
A couple of questions...
Vendors on Shopstyle pay a fee if their merchandise if purchased through the site so they have to raise their prices in order to cover that fee.
Would you prefer to buy something online through a shopping aggregator site like Shopstyle which conveniently carries hundreds of brands, and not care about the price or would you prefer to buy from the actual online vendor and pay a lower price per item?
Is convenience or price more important?
Should Beladora be a Shopstyle vendor?
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Jill said...

Hey thanks! That was quite a happy surprise!! To answer your question...when I'm looking for something specific, shopstyle makes it very easy. I don't have to troll many sites. I think Beladora should be on can't hurt, right?

Belle de Ville said...

If Shopstyle adds to the the overall expenses of the business then that has to be factored into the prices of the jewlery....and everyone knows how I hate high prices!!!!

Anonymous said...

Belle, I met someone in Venice from New York who knew about you...She's in estate jewels too--Lisa Crawford?

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