Friday, April 3, 2009

Around Town - Stopping Traffic On Rodeo Drive

Two days ago Heidi Klum was up and down Rodeo Drive modeling for Vogue. In addition to her crew, there were countless paparazzis and tourists surrounding her. She strutted her stuff and then jumped into a van with her crew and for an outfit change and then showed up somewhere else on the street for more pictures. This went on all day long.

Well yesterday, Heidi was at it again and so were the crowds and paparazzis. She was extremely professional and focused...seemingly unaware of the ruckus she was causing. (Kim Kardashian was modeling on Rodeo also, but that was like, whatever.)
So yesterday evening as I was leaving my office at 6:30 and driving down the alley I spotted Heidi still at it, but this time no gawking fans. It was just the hardworking glamazon and her crew in the dingy alley parking lot with a look on her face that said "auf wiedersehen already...I just want to take off the frigging 5 inch heels and go home and put my feet up".
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