Monday, February 23, 2009

Go For The Gold - And Do Something Good For Youth Aids


I received this email from Rick Maggio, of That Agency, a few days ago and forgot to tell you about it.

As it turns out, I’m working with World Gold Council on a project that might be fabulous for your readers! It’s a great contest which supports an even greater cause. Debra Messing (star of USA Network’s new series The Starter Wife), Robert Lee Morris (legendary jeweler) and World Gold Council are hosting a contest for consumers to win a gold bracelet designed by Debra Messing herself, in collaboration with Robert Lee Morris, in support of Debra’s favorite charity Youth AIDS. Consumers simply share their favorite story that involves gold jewelry, and the best one will win this amazing bracelet. Some of the stories entered to date are very touching and make for inspirational reading. I am confident your readers will enjoy reading these stories and they may have one of their own to share.

Contest Summary

Tell your favorite story that involves a piece of gold jewelry for a chance to win an 18K Gold Bracelet (1 of only 4 ever made) designed by Deborah Messing and Robert Lee Morris. Previous entries to this contest can be found at This contest benefits YouthAids ( End Date: February 24th, 2009To Enter: Visit to submit your short story.
The end date for the contest is tomorrow...
so how fast can you write a winning story?
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