Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Do You Want To Divest - Beladora is Buying

Does your closet look like this?

Mine certainly doesn't.

And apparently this woman's didn't either.

Shopaholic spinster found dead under 3ft of unopened goods

A spinster who obsessively hoarded clothes died in her home after a mountain of suitcases fell on her, burying her alive.

Which brings up the question where does collecting stop and hoarding begin?

Naturally, I put myself clearly in the collecting category....although 5 (small) closets, multiple drawer chests and two rolling racks might say otherwise. As my daughter says my closets are like a magical wonderland of clothing...where you can find something to suit any style.

But I also have no problem with getting rid of stuff and every couple of months I donate bags of clothes and shoes.

Getting organized and letting go of stuff feels good.
Whether you donate or sale through a consignment store, it is great to divest and to simplify our lives.

But what do you do with that jewelry that you never wear? You know the stuff you inherited from your grandmother and your aunt and those pieces that you got from your first husband. Some jewelry is just unwearable. It might have emotional connections that you would prefer to avoid, or it might just be the wrong size and style for you. What are your options?

Well you could sell it on EBay or put it in a local auction...but there is no guarantee of a sale...and even if there is a sale the fees are ridiculous. You could ask your local jeweler....but chances are that he doesn't have the cash flow to buy.

So what is the solution? of course.
Beladora is buying fine jewelry right now, especially gemstones, diamonds and signed jewelry.
The process is easy, efficient and private so if you have something to sell in 14k, 18k, 22k or platinum send an email to
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