Sunday, November 2, 2008

Looking For A Bargain?

Well it's's getting tough all over. Even private jets are going on sale!


Anyone want to buy some Eclipse 500 very light jets? Now that the DayJet, air taxi operation has folded, their 28 Eclipse 500 planes are looking for a home. DayJet had originally ordered 1,400 of the small jets for their planned network of fights but closed up shop in September citing the current economic crisis and the inability to secure funding as causes. The 28 are now up for sale and are being sold "as is" with DayJet logos and interiors. The DayJet Eclipses had accumulated no more than 450 hours each. There are three different configurations of the jets. Eclipse hasn't disclosed a price for the aircraft but some have estimated that it would be in the $1.5 million range per plane.

So bargain's your chance to get into your own private jet for only about $1.5 million!

Boy, if this trend continues, you might be able to pick up that house in the hills and a big white diamond at bargain prices too...

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